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  Thank you so much, Carla, and thanks for your leadership in this undertaking as well as so much else. It's wonderful to be here at the end of two very busy and productive days of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Secretary部长 Geithner and I were privileged to co-lead this effort, and we were

  especially pleased that Vice Premier副总理 Wang and State Councilor ['kaunsələ]国务委员 Dai were our counterparts伙伴关系. We believe that these very productive conversations have helped to lay the foundation for what both President Obama and President Hu called a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive U.S.-Chinese relationship for the 21st century.

  非常感谢,卡拉,谢谢你在这项事业和其他众多事务中发挥的领导作用。能在美中战略与经济对话(Strategic and Economic Dialogue)繁忙而富有成果的两天会议结束后来到这里出席晚宴真是令人愉快。盖特纳(Geithner)部长和我十分荣幸地共同主持这一对话,同时,我们也为有王岐山副总理和戴秉国国务委员与我们共同主持对话而感到特别高兴。我们认为,这些极富成果的讨论有助于为发展奥巴马总统和胡锦涛主席所说的21世纪积极合作全面的美中关系奠定基础。

  As part of this process, we are enlisting从军,应募,调动 the full range of talent within our governments to tackle处理 problems that spill over超越 not just borders and oceans, but also traditional bureaucratic [,bjurəu'krætik] 官僚政治的;官僚的boundaries, which are sometimes the hardest to overcome, from climate change to trade investment and poverty and disease.


  Just as no nation today can solve the challenges we face alone, neither can government work in isolation. The issues are just too varied and complex for that. So engaging the expertise

  [,ekspə:'ti:z]专门技术;专门知识, the experience, and the energy of those outside government – including the private

  sector营部分;私营部门, and all of you here tonight – is vital to our future progress.



  I also am delighted that we are going to have very soon a new ambassador from the United States to China. Governor Huntsman, who will soon be – maybe even confirmed tonight – Ambassador Huntsman, is looking forward to working not only on behalf of our nation's policies but really representing the American people to the Chinese people.


  We want the entrepreneurs[,ɔntrəprə'nə:] 企业家 and the innovators in both of our countries to know that we're behind their dreams and their efforts. We want people who are working to solve problems in research labs and on the front lines of innovation to know that we’re looking to support their efforts. Because we think public-private partnerships政府和民间结成的伙伴关系 are a centerpiece核心内容 of the important work

  that we are doing to build understanding and create new avenues of cooperation.


  Now, I understand that Vice Premier Wang said a few words to you about the Shanghai Expo. (Laughter.) And I want to reinforce his message. The theme for the Expo, ―Better City – Better Life,‖ will present a vision of a sustainable, healthy, and prosperous world in the 21st century. It's anticipated 预期that more than 70 million people will visit and more than 190

  nations will participate. Six months ago, it wasn't at all clear 还完全不清楚that the United States would be one of those 190 nations, but thanks to a number of you, we are on track to be able to do so. And I salute致敬 Vice Premier Wang for his leadership. He was, as some of you know, the chair of the

  committee for the Beijing Olympics, so if that is any indication

  of his organizational acuity [ə'kju:əti], 尖锐;敏锐;剧烈I think we can look forward to a very successful Shanghai Expo.

  我明白王岐山副总理刚才就上海世博会(Shanghai Expo)向你们说了几句话。(笑声) 我想加强他要传达的信息。上海世博会的主题,―城市,让生活更美好‖(Better City——Better Life),将展现21世纪一个可持续的、健康、繁荣世界的愿景。预期上海世博会将吸引7000多万人参观,190多个国家参展。6个月前,还完全不清楚美国是否会成为这190个国家中的一个。但由于你们中间一些人的努力,我们将能按期参展。我要向王副总理的领导能力致敬。你们中间有些人知道,他是北京奥运会筹委会主席,如果这能表明他的高度组织能力的话,我认为我们可以期待上海世博会取得圆满成功。

  And the U.S. National Pavilion [pə'viljən]美国国家馆 will be informative, educational, and interactive, showcasing显示 American ingenuity [,indʒi'nju:əti]独创性, looking at 展望how we can address 应对together global challenges like

  climate change and clean energy, sustainable agriculture, mass transit, health, and economic development. We are delighted that a number of leading American companies such as GE美国通用电气公司(General Electric Co.)and Pepsico百事可乐公

  司, Marriott, Corning, and others have signed on to be part of putting together this visionary 梦想的pavilion that will showcase much of what is best about our country. There is, actually, a model of the Pavilion somewhere around here that I urge you to take a look at. This is shameless无耻的,厚脸皮的, I know, but that's part of the job. (Laughter.)


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